Study Spanish in Cartagena, Colombia


Cartagena is a beautiful, fascinating, vibrant and historical city, waiting to be explored. If you have extra time to spare before you begin to get to know the place, why not invest that time in taking some Spanish classes. You'll be surprised that after only a few hours of study, you'll be able to both speak and understand the basic aspects of the language. Having a little Spanish knowledge is a great confidence boost, and the perfect way to feel more immersed in the culture. In addition, the locals love to hear you trying out your skills and some may even stop you in the street to practise their few words of English with you! This is a great way to integrate and to gain a greater understanding of many aspects of the daily life in Cartagena.

The city offers different alternatives for studying Spanish in schools that are specifically aimed at teaching visitors the basic and most essential aspects of the language. Their methodology uses interactive learning methods to create a fun and fast-track way of learning. Most classes are in small groups of people of all ages who are at the same level, and are usually for 20 hours per week, beginning on every Monday. However, this is only a guideline, different schools may vary their teaching hours and many offer individual or family classes. Whatever your needs, there will be a school offering the perfect package for you.

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