Museums in Cartagena, Colombia

Gold Museum


The Gold Museum (Museo de Oro) is situated in the heart of the city in a beautiful Colonial building in Plaza Bolivar. It opened its doors 20 years ago and has since been collecting and displaying some amazing pre-Colombian artefacts including many fine examples in gold. It also gives a detailed description of the ‘Zenú’ culture and their incredible hydraulic engineering achievements.

Naval Museum


The Naval Museum (Museo Naval del Caribe) is situated in the 16th century area of the walled city, close to the monastery and church of San Pedro Claver. The huge building has two wings that house a host of interesting exhibitions relating to the naval history of Cartagena de Indias and of the Colombian Navy. It also has a good number of related items donated by several Caribbean countries.

Palace of the Inquisition Museum


This museum ‘El Palacio de la Inquisición’, is one of the finest late-Colonial architectural examples in the city. It stands on the original site of the ‘Punishment Tribunal’ of the Holy Office from 1610. Over the centuries, this site has seen many condemned to death and executed. As such, the museum today houses many items of torture, in addition to a good collection of pre-Colombian pottery and historical artifacts from both theColonial and Independence periods.

Palace of the Inquisition


The Palace of the Inquisition ("Palacio de la Inquisición"), is another fine example of Colonial architecture with an impressive Baroque-style gate. It houses a good number of interesting items from the Spanish Inquisition.

Rafael Nuñez Museum


The Rafael Nuñez Museum was built in 1858 and is of Caribbean style. It houses many personal items including furniture, paintings and art-forms.

Indigenous Museum


The Indigenous Museum, located in Plaza Bolivar, has some interesting descriptions of the indigenous cultures of the Muisca, Sinú and Tayrona, along with displays of hand crafted items including jewellery.

Museum of Modern Art


The museum of Modern Art is located in the San Pedro Plaza and has a fine display of paintings by Alejandro Obregón and Enrique Grau.In addition, it has a good collection of art from the 50's as well as collective and individual collections.

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